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Beyond Thirlestane June & July 350 new archers Phew !

Posted by southernupland on July 8, 2014 at 3:35 PM

PHEW !! 

We are well into July and we are able to report that we have completed a total of six public and private engagements so far this year ! Discounting Sprouston we are able to give out some interesting statistics.

Approximatly 350 newish and new archers have been brought to the bow by SURA between 1st of June and the 5th of July 2014.

Thirletane Castle B A V C event mentioned in the previous report approximatley 120 came on the line and had a good go.

Stod Rig farm on Saturday the 7th of June, eight archers had a full introduction to the archery and are now shooting indepentantly as their own private shoot.

Paxton House 14th Annual Vintage Rally on the 22nd of June saw approximatly 40 new archers having a go. With one family from Romania all taking up the bow and have since reported back to us on their return to Romania that they are starting their own unit.

Condarrat in Cumbernauld Village Gala on Saturday 28th of June saw us bring some 150 new and not so new archers on the line for some instruction and safe have ago practice. They aquitted well and we have been asked back for next year and to assist them in starting an #archery unit of their own.

Tittlington on Saturday 5th of July as promised Mandy,Mike,Denny and myself attended a private meeting for fellow S U R A's Graig and Jeanine at their home in Tittlington they had invited along a number of worl pals and their families to take part in the day as a fund raising excercise. The day went extremley well.

The interesting statistic that amazes me is throughout the whole of the above activities only seven arrows were broken beyond repair and two have gone into hiding! (that is a term we use at S U RA for lost arrows)!

Apart from the above the teams here at S U R A have been busy maintaining and developing our south woods here at HQ as well as restoring the new mobile HQ caravan that was donated to us by "Drive" Thanks Drive you know who you are.

Most importantly I would like to say thank you to all of you both S U R A's and members of the public for your help in making the first six events of 2014 such fun.

Take a look at some of the images posted in our gallery (Paxton, Condarrat & Tittlington) and of course (Vintage Rally Thirlestane 2014). You may see yourselves there !

Thanks for taking time to read this report and dont forget to come and support the RNLI on Sunday the 27th July and the Powburn Show on the 2nd of August. 

Safe Friendly Family Fun #archery in your comunity. 


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