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January 2014 Weather,Tube Shoots !

Posted by southernupland on January 28, 2014 at 6:00 AM

Here we are at the end of January 2014 and so far we have carried out a total of seven regular meets and one extra meet on Friday the 10th Jan. The weather although not perfect has in the main remained good to us, that is until last Sunday the 26th Jan. The torrential rain and sleet made the shoot an impossibility and would have been totaly unsafe not just from the visibility aspect but the underfoot conditions of nearly 3" of water on the fields and much deeper in the woods! We sent out a late cancelation notice and thankfully everyone stayed away. We hate letting people down especially as we were due some visitors to come try the bow for themselves. Had it been snow fall we would not have canceled and any folk who got here would have had a great time. Shooting in snow is great fun. Still its not the end of winter by a long chalk and there is time yet! Perhaps as with the new years day shoot we will have another barbecue in the snow !


South woods has yet more interesting targets not least the tube shot which is proving to be a game in itself. This consists of a length of tubing 1' x  4" placed in the fork of a tree about 25 to 30 paces in front of a back target. The archer then moves back from the tube another 25 to 30 paces and takes three shots. The object is to shoot cleanly through the tube and hit the target. This is causing a little friendly rivalry between some of our archers and certainly is not for the faint hearted. Indeed we have one archer namely "Laird Rennard" who likes nothing better than being at 60 paces back from the tube and letting loose half a sheaf (12) arrows ! Not bad at all since we only shoot barebow here ! When the weather improves we have every intention of making a video of this.

Making your own targets is part of the fun and saves a considerable amount of money. Some examples of targets we are making ready and using throughout 2014 can be seen in our picture gallery (104 More Home Made Targets).

At S U R A we pride ourselves on bringing new folk into our great pastime. Have a look around our vast collection of gallery images and see what we and other new archers have been upto not just last year but the previous five years ! Yes we are five years old in February.

Thanks for looking in and if you feel we can be of help with your community, corporate or private function such as birthday's or wedding entertainment at your place or ours feel free to get in touch. Other contacts are on our home page.

Last but not least we say well done to our fellow S U R A and archery pal on Twitter Rem for allowing us to place a link to his great club take a look and contact Rem if you happen to be in France this year. 

Safe Friendly Family Fun Archery in 2014 !!


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Reply southernupland
3:45 PM on March 15, 2014 
Rem says...
Thank you very much for mentionning our club in Le Havre (France). Much appreciated. SURA members will always be welcome.

More than welcome & your archers are always welcome here at S U R A
Reply Rem
8:11 AM on March 12, 2014 
Thank you very much for mentionning our club in Le Havre (France). Much appreciated. SURA members will always be welcome.