New years day shoot Jan 2014 New years day shoot Jan 2014 Base camp 1 There could be a tale to tell here. 188083189 Base camp 1 Rob & Kate set up base camp 1 with hot sossiges etc on the go throughout the shoot 188083190 Laird Rennard Game on 188083191 Hunting arrows Its part of the game 188083194 Note the kit We pride ourselves on making most of our kit 188083195 Distance ! We never know the exact distance to the target we like to shoot instinctivley,. 188083196 Terrain 188083197 How far is that dam cat ? 188083199 Grub up ! 188083200 Base camp 1 188083201 Kate Pom & Swithun Good archery fare is part of our credo at SURA 188083202 A new target We love making our own targets as much as we like shooting at them. 188083203 4 Birds in one 188083204 A Badger at Badgers Bridge 188083205 An old bear Bear is nearly five years old now. Thousands of hits and still going strong. 188083206 A good knight ! 188083207 Imagine shooting here ! You can get in touch and book a shot. 188084473 Oh Deer Re-cycled courtesy of Ideal Carpets Berwick on Tweed. 188083208 Meow ! Panther or Puma a Purrfect target courtesy of Ideal Carpets Berwick on Tweed 188083209 Boaring ! 188083210 My apron !! Mandy pinched Micks apron which he got for Xmas from Lady Rennard. Nice cake ready for the archers on New years day tho ! Mick has to wash up ! 188084826 First shoot of the year done ! Now watch this callendar fill up Happy 2014 Archers everywhere from the SURA Teams. 188085046