Paxton Condarrat & Tittlington 2014 Paxton Condarrat & Tittlington 2014 Paxton House 14th Vintage Rally Seven vistors to Paxton from Romania took to the bow so well we had difficulty in getting them to leave the line. They were good though. 193941343 Paxton Basic explanations. 193941338 Paxton The lady wanted to try a long bow. 193941339 Paxton Now hold the bow this way. 193941340 Paxton Poor old Sir Sylvester got one on the nose !! 193941341 Paxton Great Stance. 193941342 Paxton Mandy & Mike start training community police officer Jamie in an armed response mode ! 193941344 Paxton Wait for it ! 193941345 Paxton Jamie is indeed taking his training well ! 193941346 Condarrat Gala 2014 Sir Sylvester is ready and waiting for the Gala to open. 193941348 Condarrat The first of more than 100 new archers at Condarrat begin. 193941347 Condarrat The queue begins. 193941349 Condarrat The queue is moving forward. 193941350 Condarrat And there were more. 193941351 Condarrat And more. 193941352 Condarrat Here we see James whom we met and brougt to the bow at Thirlestane Castle BAVC Rally on the 1st of June. James aka "Bob the Builder" is a Condarrat resident and a fellow S U R A. Well done lad. 193941353 Condarrat Bob lost his head and James the archer took over. 193941354 Condarrat James shows the quue how to do it. 193941355 Tittlington 2014 We set the field at Tittlington for fellow S U R A's Graig & Jeanine at their home. It is hoped that this area will become another independant #archery shoot in the very near future. They have a hard core of new archers getting ready for action. 193941358 Tittlington Looking back down the range looking south toward Tittlington HQ . 193941359 Tittlington Mandy sets the 140 yard clout. 193941360 Tittlington Blooy gaurds the ammo & bows. New archers inspect the Alpaca's. 193941361 Tittlington 140 yards 193941362 Tittlington 25 yard training & practice range 193941364 Tittlington Four new archers go for it. 193941365 Tittlington Every new archer has at this stage shot 2 full sheaves. 193941366 Tittlington New archers at 140 yards. 193941368 Tittlington My team 193941369 Tittlington My team. 193941370 Tittlington Okay every new archery unit has to have a mascot or six. 193941371 193941372 Tittlington It was no accident. They have some talented face & make up artists among their crew at Tittlington. 193941373 Tittlington Okay so they have other mascots as well !! 193941374 Tittlington Another Safe Friendly Family bunch of archers who like to have fun and love animals too. 193941375