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Chain Maile for warmth and protection Bespoke


Chain maile.. 

Bespoke hand crafted. Quality Coif, Chest & back plate. A hand crocheted maile top. Along with a crocheted belt & L A R P pouch & vambrace.

This is a limited offer.. £25.00p per set.

Allow 14 days for production and delivery.

Only the first six orders can be guarenteed. Prior to Xmas and Suitable for ages 4 to 14 !

Note ... Adult sizes can be accounted for and costed accordingly ..Sadly adult sizes cannot be proccessed prior to Xmas. But you can arrange an order in your size any time after the new year. (Please allow 14 days from time of order to delivery of product).  

We have 2 in stock.. First come first served. Add £2.00p for UK postage & packaging.

Set one is for age and size 3 to 7 -- Set two is for age and size 7 to 14. First come first served.

New production allow 14 days from firm order to delivery.

Made in the UK and supporting our #archery unit.   

Age of the knight / Archer this unit is for ?

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