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Southern Upland Roving Archers (SURA)

Traditional Historical Recreational Fun Folk 

ARCHERY...It's all about letting go! Safe, friendly, fun for all ages...fully insured. 

Welcome to Southern Upland Roving Archers (S U R A) Established as a private archery shoot in 2009 to give the novice and experienced archer an opportunity to shoot in a relaxed and informal manner.

We are fully insured for all of our activities.

We have a policy of learning from each other and support ourselves by working in the community at local events and public shows throughout the Scottish Borders as well as holding occasional have-a-go archery sessions.

This enables us to operate without having to rely on government or charitable funding!

Safe Friendly Family Fun Archery!

Please note we are not a business nor do we have charitable status.

We are not affiliated or attached to any governing body, therefore do not offer any "Formal training" ! We shoot for fun & the pleasure of doing so.


We shoot all types of bow (except compound bows) and other associated weapons.


Unfortunately we can no longer supply any equipment, Archers must bring their own.

Please take some time and have a look around our photo galleries.

We are currently closed to new archers except by introduction via a known S. U. R. A. Until further notice.   

Email - (Marking your email #Archery) 

Thank you for taking time to visit our pages.